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True Crime Online Newsletter - May 18, 2015

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Boy bewildered by 'old fashioned' pay phone in viral video
A young boy named Jake became the physical embodiment of the generational divide when he came face to face with his first payphone and was utterly bewildered. The video shared on YouTube by AFV shows the young boy, addressed by the woman shooting the video as "Jake," puzzling over the 20th-century relic in an attempt to figure out the intended purpose of the anachronistic device. Only when the videographer explains the concept of a phone booth does the boy have a realization: "Is this an old fashioned phone?" The video has been viewed by nearly 300,000 users -- many of whom were likely using the pay phone's descendant, the modern cellphone.

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New York Starbucks worker out of a job after freakout video goes viral - 05/18/15
A New York Starbucks employee fired over a viral video of her berating a customer said she quit after being suspended by the coffee chain. Ruby Chen, a customer at a Starbucks location in New York's Queens borough, shared a video of the encounter on YouTube, which was originally recorded and posted to Facebook Thursday by fellow customer Pennapa Castro with the title, "too much attitude at Starbucks."

Girl’s Reply To Online Harassment Makes The Guy Delete His Account - 05/17/15
Harassing and bullying people on Facebook is very common nowadays and somewhere or the other we girls have faced it as well. Getting vulgar messages and multiple friend requests from different accounts is something that we are used to and have kind of learnt to ignore it. But unlike many of us who choose to ignore and bear such things, one brave girl decided to do something about it, so that no one can ever dare to even think about doing such a thing. Prerna Pratham Singh is that girl who refused to neglect it and this is what she did…

Woman charged with stalking ex-boyfriend - 05/15/15
Deputies say a woman was so upset about getting dumped, so she created chaos and terror as revenge.

Pawtucket man accused of stalking Providence woman - 05/15/15
A 45-year-old Pawtucket man is accused of sending underwear, unwanted letters and emails to a 20-year-old Providence woman he does not know.The Providence Journal reports police have charged 45-year-old George Gould with cyberstalking, a misdemeanor that carries a possible sentence of a year in prison.

Coquitlam teen admits to 'swatting' offences - 05/15/15
A Coquitlam teen who prompted numerous “swatting” incidents last year on families around Canada and the U.S. pleaded guilty today (Friday) to a dozen more charges. The 17-year-old, who cannot be identified under a publication ban because of his age, has now admitted to a total of 23 offences of extortion, public mischief and criminal harassment.

Reddit Clamps Down on Harassment of Its Users - 05/15/15
In the 10 years since Reddit launched, the Internet has become a dramatically different place, which is why the self-described "front page of the Internet" is changing its policies to expressly prohibit attacks and harassment of people using its site. The new policy is particularly noteworthy as it comes into being under the leadership of interim CEO Ellen Pao (pictured), who recently lost a $16 million gender discrimination case against the venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

Man admits to cyberstalking for revenge, police say - 05/14/15
It's the first cyberstalking case the Daytona Beach Police Department has ever worked on, and investigators said the case has been going on for years. Christopher Daguanno, 45, is accused of using a man's identity to cyberstalk a woman for revenge. "Apparently, he asked her for a date some point in time, and she turned him down, and he said that she and the other gentleman, they were calling him fat," said Jimmie Flynt, with Daytona Beach Police Department.

Trolls still Trolling on Twitter, despite Anti-Harassment Policy - 05/14/15
Internet harassment is still a thing on Twitter. The company’s anti-abuse policy has been a consistent subject of praise from a lot of anti-discrimination groups since it was first announced. Truth be told, everyone who hated internet trolls loved the new approach, and who doesn’t hate trolls? But according to a recent study, a lot more work needs to be done. And Twitter says it is up for the challenge.

Oklahoma high school apologizes after students dance with dead cats in YouTube clip - 05/14/15
An Oklahoma high school apologized after a video emerged showing students dancing with dead cats intended for classroom dissection. The video, shared on YouTube by animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, shows the Harding Charter Preparatory High School students performing a choreographed routine in a classroom to the tune of the Meow Mix cat food jingle while holding the dead cats.

Killed for being a feminist? Women's group complains of cyberstalking and harassment by sports team in weeks before college member was 'choked to death by roommate' - 05/13/15
A feminist group on the campus of the University of Mary Washington has accused the school of failing to act on sexual and violent cyberthreats made against its members. Feminists United said members received hundreds of anonymous, profane messages and death threats for their public opposition to Greek life and for speaking out against an offensive chant by the rugby team. The group was working on the complaint before the April 17 slaying of board member Grace Rebecca Mann, 20, of McLean.

This Is How Trolls Treat Women On The Internet - 05/13/15
A new Twitter hashtag shows just how rough it is being a woman on the Internet. Online harassment-reporting platform HeartMob asked Twitter users to share their stories using #MyTroll, and the results are truly staggering.

Man accused of cyberstalking ex-wife - 05/12/15
A Winn Parish man has been arrested by Union Parish sheriff’s deputies for cyberstalking and violating a protective order. Arrested Monday and booked into the parish detention center was Ricky Joseph Bergeron, 38, of Dub Bryant Road, Atlanta. His total bond on the two charges was set at $6,600.

WHO@ Newsletter - May 11, 2015

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Florida woman uses Pizza Hut app to request 911 assistance
A Florida woman being held hostage with her children used a Pizza Hut ordering app to ask store employees to call 911 on her behalf. The Pizza Hut in Avon Park received an online order about 3:40 p.m. Monday from regular customer Cheryl Treadway and Chef Alonia Hawk noticed the comments section for the order of a small hand-tossed classic pizza with pepperoni read, "Please help! Get 911 to me," and "911 hostage help." Manager Candy Hamilton printed the order and contacted police. "We've never seen that before," Hamilton told WFLA-TV. "I've been here 28 years and never, never seen nothing like that come through." Police said Treadway and her children were being held in their home at knife-point by the woman's boyfriend, Ethan Earl Nickerson, 26. A Highlands County Sheriff's Office negotiator arrived on the scene and Treadway came out of the home with one of the children, but two others remained inside with Nickerson. "She comes running toward us but two kids are still in the house with a person who's on narcotics and you don't know how their mindset with a knife, and we need to get them out," the negotiator, Lt. Curtis Ludden, told WTSP-TV. Nickerson was arrested without incident about 20 minutes later, police said. Treadway and her children were not injured. Treadway told police she and Nickerson had been arguing and he had taken her phone away after threatening her with the knife. Treadway said she convinced Nickerson to let her use the phone to order pizza and he took the phone back after the order. Nickerson was charged with aggravated assault with a weapon without intent to kill, battery, false imprisonment, and obstructing justice by depriving communication to law enforcement.

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Woman starts website to bust New York subway perv - 05/11/15
A woman who created a website detailing her encounter with an upskirt photographer in the New York subway said she wanted to "raise awareness" and spur police action. The woman, who requested anonymity, said she was at the Fulton Street subway station in Manhattan Thursday morning when "the guy lifted up my skirt and put his phone under it to take a picture up my skirt."

Woman convicted for defying online ban - 05/09/15
A Mosgiel woman, who victims say bullied and abused them online, has been convicted for not adhering to her ban from Facebook. Susanne Frances Day (47) was convicted and fined $500 for breaching a restraining order when she appeared before Judge John Macdonald in the Dunedin District Court yesterday.

The Right Way to Handle Social Media Harassment and Bullying - 05/09/15
Before the dawn of the MacBook Air, a girl’s only experiences with harassment involved dodging kids in the schoolyard. What an innocent time. Now that we spend the bulk of our waking hours glued to social media, the chance of being targeted increase drastically­and unfortunately that’s especially true for teen girls.“By nature, girls are socialized not to be aggressive, so we’ve found more passive ways to deal with conflict,” says Corrie Sirota, a clinical social worker. “Boys punch each other, while girls use words, eye-rolling, shunning, and exclusion.”

When Trolls Attack: Feminist Deck’s Kiva Bay and Kickstarter Battle the Dark Forces Of Internet Bullshittery - 05/08/15
We recently had the pleasure of telling you about artist Kiva Bay’s awesome Feminist Deck project – a series of adorable cards depicting and celebrating living female feminists she admires. We are also honored to have two of our own – Sam Maggs and yours truly – depicted in the deck. This project has a Kickstarter, and it needs your help.

‘Put on your raping shoes and find this b*tch': Abby Martin is the latest target of crazed Chris Kyle sycophants - 05/08/15
Fans of “American Sniper” Chris Kyle have threatened to rape and kill former RT anchor Abby Martin for criticizing the deceased Navy SEAL and creating a T-shirt they find offensive. “Some psychotic Chris Kyle fan just doxxed me & my family’s personal information on a bunch of sniper forums. If anything happens to me or them you know who to blame. These are the real f*cking terrorists,” she wrote on her Facebook page.

Hollaback! Creator Wants To Take On Twitter Trolls - 05/08/5
Online harassment is a widespread issue: According to data from Pew Research, a whopping 92% of 18 to 29 year olds have experienced it. But, there are no simple, reliable resources for reporting it, or learning how to deal with it. Hollaback! founder Emily May plans to change that with her new project, HeartMob.

JK Rowling suffers despicable Twitter backlash for voicing Labour support.. but Harry Potter author has the last laugh - 05/08/15
JK ROWLING has hit back against vile trolls who posted vile comments about her on Twitter. The Harry Potter author, a popular target for the nasty cyber bullies, was targeted for a barrage of online harassment in the wake of the General Election, with Tweets accusing her of being a “traitor to Scotland” and “Blairite scum”.

Millburn Police Department secretary arrested - 05/08/15
The secretary to the Millburn chief of police has been suspended following her arrest May 5 in connection with illegal cyber activities. According to Millburn Police Capt. Michael Mulligan, Nancy Maran, a 35-year-old Springfield resident and employee of the police department for seven years, was arrested by local police and charged with one count of cyber harassment and one count of identity theft.

Rio Ferdinand Receives Abuse on Twitter Following the Death of His Wife - 05/08/15
Rio Ferdinand has been the victim of an awful wave of abuse from Twitter users in the wake of his wife Rebecca Ellison’s death. Rebecca passed away on Friday, May 1st after a battle with cancer. As was unfortunately inevitable, among the outpouring of support from the football world and fans of the former England and Manchester United defender were a vocal minority who used the opportunity to spew forth hateful bile, because this is the Internet and being famous means even your most tragic moments won’t see you being granted a pass by the inexplicably angry.

Hacking baby monitors - 05/08/15
Baby monitors, they’re an electronic window into your home… that computer hackers can break into. You use it to check on your child. They use it to steal information from you. It`s happened all over the country. You hear a voice in your house and you don`t know who it is. Only to discover, it`s coming from the baby monitor. So how do computer hackers break in and take control?

Royal Palm Beach man stalked girlfriend, made phony 911 call - 05/08/15
A Loxahatchee man is in the Palm Beach County Jail after he allegedly violated a restraining order held by his former girlfriend, then made a phony 911 call in which he stated an armed man was at the woman’s residence, according to an arrest report. Cody A. Linsinbigler is facing charges of contempt of court for violating an injunction, cyber-stalking and misuse of 911. Linsinbigler, 27, is being held in lieu of $12,000 bail.

MPs targets of violent harassment - 05/08/15
Nine out of 10 New Zealand MPs have been victims of harassment, which has sometimes included physical violence, a new study shows. The research paper by the University of Otago and Capital and Coast District Health Board is based on anonymous responses from 102 sitting MPs and finds 87 per cent of them have been targets of harassment, ranging from abusive emails to violence.

Complaint Claims University Where Student Was Killed Failed To Act On Relentless Yik Yak Threats - 05/07/15
The University of Mary Washington's campus in Fredericksburg, Virginia, was hit by a spate of violent threats against a feminist student group for months leading up to the alleged murder of a group member in April. Documents provided to The Huffington Post show the administration was keenly aware of the continued harassment, which was posted on the anonymous messaging app Yik Yak, but a federal complaint filed Thursday alleges the public university failed to act on this knowledge and permitted a hostile environment against female students.

'Polite' bank robbery suspect posted videos to Instagram - 05/07/15
A Virginia man accused of posting photos and videos of his bank robbery to Instagram said he didn't rob the bank, he just "politely" asked for money. Dominyk Antonio Alfonseca, 23, who was arrested Monday about 30 minutes after he allegedly used a note to rob the Townebank in Virginia Beach, posted two videos of his time inside the bank to Instagram along with a picture of the note he handed the teller.

Day 1 of second Facebook murders trial wraps up - 05/05/15 heard opening statements and testimony from witnesses in a Johnson County double murder case that's more than three years old Monday. Barbara and Janelle Potter are charged with first-degree murder in the deaths of Billy Payne and Billie Jean Hayworth, and both are pleading not guilty. Payne and Hayworth were shot and killed at their home in front of their six-month-old son. Prosecutors said a dispute on Facebook, involving Janelle Potter, led to the murders.

Dial Dalfred: Cyber stalking - 05/04/15
It’s an issue that’s become more and more prevalent in this digital age, stripping its victims of privacy and security in their own homes. Most people utilize their webcams and online massaging to keep in touch with family and friends they can’t meet face to face. What was once a luxury for some Acadiana residents, is now being used as a tool a by outsiders to invade their privacy

True Crime Online Newsletter - April 27, 2015

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Tennessee dad uses drone to follow daughter to school
A Tennessee father who used a drone to watch his 8-year-old daughter as she walked to school alone said he wants her to know "dad is always watching."

Chris Early, who owns a Knoxville video production company, said the camera drone he bought about a month ago came in handy when his 8-year-old daughter, Katie, insisted on walking to school by herself.

"She said 'you're not going to come watch me', but I had another idea," Early told WVLT-TV.

He said the drone turned plenty of heads upward when he used it to follow Katie on her walk.

"I could see other people looking up and I'm sure Katie was just like aw it's my dad," he said. "It was a way to keep eye on her make sure she was looking both ways. I let her know that dad is always watching."

Katie said she was not expecting the drone to follow her.

"I was like oh wow! He didn't tell me so I was pretty surprised," she said.

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Revenge porn victim: My naked photos were everywhere - 04/27/15
Every time she meets you, Nikki Rettelle wonders if you’ve seen her naked. Nude photos of her dot the Internet, still popping up years after an ex-boyfriend posted them. Rettelle is a victim of revenge porn, a kind of online harassment that advocacy groups refer to as “non-consensual pornography.”

Friendly Reminder: Sometimes Ladies’ Restroom Mirrors Are Actually Creepy Perving Windows - 04/27/15
You’re probably aware that most bar restrooms are not exactly sanctuaries, but one insanely creepy establishment in Chicago will make that time you dropped your new palazzo pants into a puddle of someone else’s pee feel like a transcendental experience. Cigars & Stripes is a bar and comedy club that boasts a funky two-way mirror in the women’s restroom that lets the owner watch you pee before he cooks you up his signature wings.

Immokalee football coach faces cyber-stalking charge - 04/26/15
An Immokalee High School football coach was arrested Saturday night on multiple charges including aggravated cyber-stalking, according to the Collier County Sheriff's Office. Andrew London, 46, was arrested by the Seminole Police Department on charges of violating an injunction against repeated sexual or date violence and an injunction for protection against aggravated cyber-stalking.

Kamala Harris Is Going After Internet Trolls, Which Is Great For Women And Great For The Nation - 04/25/15
At the Women in the World Summit (WITW) in New York Thursday, Ashley Judd and Anita Sarkeesian spoke out about the endless online harassment they’ve endured on a panel titled “Stop the Trolls,” describing times they feared for their lives and how their daily routines have been disrupted by online attacks. A fellow panelist, California Attorney General Kamala Harris, is trying to create a troll-free Internet, or at least prosecute people who threaten, harass, or exploit others online. Harris is leading California’s fight to punish online harassment, laying the groundwork for reforms needed nationwide.

Indictment accuses New Milford man, 65, of stalking, harassing ex-wife, others - 04/25/15
A New Milford man stalked his ex-wife and two other people ­ keeping dossiers complete with photographs of them that he’d taken himself and posing as them in online forums ­ which left them fearing for their safety, an indictment returned by a grand jury in Hackensack alleges.

Man on parole for choking woman arrested on cyberstalking charge - 04/25/15
A Chicago man on parole for attacking a woman was ordered held without bail Saturday on charges of cyberstalking the same woman, prosecutors said. Steven Tate, 25, was charged with cyberstalking after he sent threatening text messages and emails to a 23-year-old woman with whom he had “an on-again-off-again romantic relationship” that began in 2011, according to Assistant State’s Attorney Kim Przekota.

Woman convicted of harassment for posting anti-police graffiti on Instagram - 04/24/15
A woman who posted an image online of a senior Montreal police officer with a bullet in his head was convicted Thursday of criminal harassment. Jennifer Pawluck was charged in 2013 after snapping a photo of graffiti, which she didn’t draw, and uploading it to Instagram, a photo-sharing social media site. Quebec court Judge Marie-Josee Di Lallo said she had no doubt the criteria necessary to find Pawluck guilty of harassment had been met.

'Escape' button on websites aids domestic violence victims - 04/24/15
As a domestic violence victim, you are possibly searching the Internet for help. Problem is, you use a computer at your home that your abuser may also have access to. You don't want him or her to see what sites you have been looking for. You try to use the computer when he or she is not around but that is not always possible.

CPSO seeks suspect in cyberstalking case - 04/24/15
The Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office needs the public's help locating a man wanted in a cyberstalking case. Michael Raymond Fremin, 54, is accused of sending harassing and threatening text messages to his former employer. He is described as a 5-foot-11 white male, weighing 170 pounds, with long gray hair that he wears in a ponytail.

Sex offender charged with allegedly stalking Bronx prep school - 04/23/15
A registered sex offender was hit with federal stalking charges after allegedly making threatening phone calls and disturbing online posts about prestigious prep school Horace Mann. Daniel Gruber, 36, a graduate of the Bronx school with a record of sexual offences, was arrested on two counts of harassment last week. On Thursday, U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara’s office added stalking charges.

Bedford man warns others off internet dating after being convicted for harassment - 04/22/15
A LOVE-struck Bedford man who ended up in court for harassing a Harlow woman he met through an internet dating agency issued a stark four word warning to others looking for love through the web. "Don't do it – simple," Cleveland Thompson, 35, said at Chelmsford Magistrates' Court after pleading guilty to harassing Harlow woman, Louisa Harpin, 32. Thompson, an office co-ordinator, of 55, Beaconsfield Road, Bedford, was warned by the magistrates that he was close to being jailed.

Man charged with sending obscene photo to woman - 04/22/15
A 36-year-old Cherryville man has been charged with disseminating obscenity by the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office after allegedly sending a photograph of his private parts to a woman he was harassing. Ashley Dean Waters, of 1861 Wehunt Store Road, was arrested on charges of misdemeanor cyberstalking, making harassing phone calls and disseminating obscenity on Saturday.

Is Twitter Afraid of Its Own Platform? - 04/21/15
On Tuesday, Twitter released a blog post announcing a set of new policies targeted at mitigating harassment on its platform. My colleague David Auerbach has already parsed the new rules for clues on how Twitter is balancing its interest in user safety and its commitment to freedom of expression. I’m just as interested in the medium as I am the message. Have you ever noticed that Twitter executives prefer to talk about harassment on Twitter just about anywhere except on Twitter? Twitter CEO Dick Costolo took questions from Twitter users on CNBC last year; more than a quarter of the queries concerned Twitter abuse, but Costolo didn’t address any of them.

True Crime Online Newsletter - April 20, 2015

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Denver teacher's 'I wish my teacher knew' assignment goes viral
A Denver teacher's assignment asking third grade students to write down things "I wish my teacher knew" went viral when she shared some of the responses. Kyle Shwartz, who has been teaching at Doull Elementary in Denver for three years, said she designed the assignment as a trust-building exercise for her class. "As a new teacher, I struggled to understand the reality of my students' lives and how to best support them. I just felt like there was something I didn't know about my students," Shwartz told ABC News. Shwartz said students were told to write a sentence starting with, "I wish my teacher knew," and they were given the option of turning the note cards in anonymously. "I let students determine if they would like to answer anonymously," she said. "I have found that most students are not only willing to include their name, but also enjoy sharing with the class. Even when what my students are sharing is sensitive in nature, most students want their classmates to know." The assignment went viral when Shwartz started sharing some of the answers on Twitter with the hashtag "#IwishMyTeacherKnew."

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New Study says that Cyber-Stalkers are Addicts - 04/20/15
A new study has revealed that most internet based stalkers may be internet addicts who have low interpersonal skills and are not in touch with other people. The National Center for Cyberstalking Research says that these Cyber-stalkers fail to establish relationships; therefore they concentrate on virtual people. Psychologist Dr Short, one of the co-authors of the research, says that internet addiction can lead to cyber-stalking and is also an evidence of the failure of the subject to maintain relationships in the real world.

Deputies seek man accused of cyberstalking - 04/18/15
Caddo Parish deputies are looking for a man accused of making terrorizing threats to his estranged wife. Deputies say 26-year-old Bryce Deangelo Hill, who has a history of domestic violence, made threats against the woman and a small child by sending text messages to the woman's phone.

Wolverhampton online stalker convicted of 'relentless barrage' of tweets and emails spared jail - 04/18/15
Instead, Penny Mellor was made the subject of a community order, put under a year’s supervision and ordered to carry out 200 hours of unpaid work. Mellor, 53 from Coven, sent hundreds of tweets and emails to and about Shy Keenan, 52, of Colchester, claiming that Ms Keenan had fabricated parts of her best-selling autobiographical misery memoir, Broken and said she wanted the publisher to withdraw it from sale because it was obscenely graphic.

Waterloo region kids involved in child porn investigation - 04/18/15
Cellphones. iPads. Nintendo DS systems. They’re just a few of the tools police say elementary school children, some as young as 12 and 13, were using to allegedly take and distribute nude photos since last fall in the Kitchener-Waterloo region. Students in Grades 7 and 8 are now under investigation from Waterloo Regional Police for allegedly being in possession of child pornography and could face charges, according to spokesperson Alana Holtom.

Instagram turns strict against pornography and online harassment - 04/18/15
Photo sharing service Instagram has rolled out a significant update to its community guidelines to take on online harassment and pornography. The updated guidelines now clearly detail content which is allowed or banned by the social network. While Instagram allows for posting of breastfeeding and photos of nude paintings and sculptures, it bans more sexually explicit content. The company said it may also remove images that show nude or partially nude children for safety reasons.

School board member accused of cyber-bullying - 04/17/15
Lucerne Valley Unified School District board member Dawn Turnbull refused to step down after a series of controversial Facebook posts prompted calls for her resignation and a formal censure by the governing board this week. Turnbull has been outspoken since first being elected to the board in 2010, vigorously stating her opinions and sometimes sharing details of her family and personal life during public meetings. Her relationships with fellow board members have slowly deteriorated. She retained her seat when she was one of three board incumbents to run unopposed last fall, but she became the target of a community recall petition effort ahead of this week's censure.

Deputies In San Dimas Seek To End Vicious Cyber-Bullying Attack Threatening To Kill Student - 04/16/15
Sheriff’s deputies in San Dimas have stepped up their search for the person or persons making threats against a San Dimas middle school student that include a promise to kill her. Parents of students at Lone Hill Middle School in San Dimas are concerned after an Instagram account surfaced, naming the victim and posting pictures of weapons the person planned to use to murder her.

Judge imprisons cyberbully for six years, gives him 20 years to pay victim surcharge - 04/16/15
Robert James Campbell was sentenced Thursday to six years in prison for shredding the reputations of targets around the world in what an Ottawa judge described as an obsessive, 13-year online campaign of fear. Some of his victims who sat in on the hearing had told the court that he had them living in fear. One victim detailed hateful harassment that turned his world upside down, and another remains so unnerved he’s thinking of uprooting his family and leaving Ottawa for good.

Teens at risk of stalking as images used on porn sites - 04/16/15
Young people could be leaving themselves open to online and real-life stalkers because of how innocuous photographs are being used in internet porn galleries. has published a report showing how information associated with photographs uploaded onto social media by teenagers can allow people to trace them back to their online social media accounts ­ and even their home addresses.

Living in 'Law Limbo' as the Target of Stalking Trolls? - I Should Know - 04/16/15
I don't like using the word 'victim', it implies I accept and concede to what is being done to me - I don't. Criticised for taking my online abuse case as far as the High Court to reveal identities. Unfairly accused of 'trying to stop free speech' by a majority who did not know the truth or facts of my case. Free speech? No, that was not what my case was about. Glad it caused debate, raised serious questions, but my case was based on current defined criminal offences.

Hoax call prompts massive SWAT response on Broadway Street ­ has “swatting” trend come to New Orleans? - 04/16/15
A man called the New Orleans Police Department this weekend saying that he had shot a woman at their Broadway Street home and intended to shoot any officers who approached the house, prompting a major response from elite NOPD officers in an armored vehicle who shut down roads around the home while they investigated.

After GamerGate, Congress Is Grappling With Online Abuse - 04/15/15
Days after a California judge sentenced Kevin Bollaert to 18 years in prison for operating a revenge porn website, and months after GamerGate exposed the repeated, unchecked abuse some women receive online, about 100 people from a coalition of women’s groups convened on Capitol Hill today to brief Congress on cyberstalking and online threats.

Cyber-bullying prompts parent to file police report - 04/15/15
Another group of cyber bullies targeted a local student, leading to that person's parent filing a police report. Experts said it’s an ongoing, widespread problem across the area and country, but there are initiatives focused on preventing the online problem.
"There's no doubt that technology is fundamentally disrupting education, but it's not all bad," Common Sense Media regional manager Jeremy Nielsen said. Nielsen's role with Omaha Public Schools is fostering positive things in a digital world.

Sulphur man arrested for cyberstalking - 04/15/15
A Sulphur man was arrested on Tuesday on a couple of charges, including cyber stalking. Deputies from the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office responded to a report from a woman who said she received numerous harassing and intimidating text messages and phone calls from 28-year-old Christopher Istre III.

True Crime Online Newsletter - April 13, 2015

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Horse returns selfie-taker's kiss in viral video
A man who planted a smooch on a horse while taking a selfie with the animal captured his own surprise as the equine kissed him back. The video, shared by America's Funniest Home Videos' AFVApproved YouTube channel, shows the man kiss the horse while taking a selfie and the horse, without missing a beat, returns the favor on the side of the man's face. The location and date of the video were unclear Monday.

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Bryan Lee: Former Ohio Trooper Ripped Tickets In Exchange For Sex - 04/12/15
Bryan D. Lee, a former Ohio state trooper, was sentenced to five years in prison on Thursday for violating the civil rights of female motorists throughout his law enforcement career. According to Daily News, the 31-year-old man confessed to coercing four women into having sex with him in exchange for dismissing their tickets. Over the course of his eight-year career, Bryan Lee admittedly had sex with four different women. He also sexually assaulted some of his arrested victims after they were handcuffed. According to the report, Lee offered to not write traffic tickets or file criminal charges against neither the women targeted nor their friends.

Salisbury woman charged with harassing Health, Human Services employee - 04/11/15
A Salisbury woman with a history of making harassing and threatening phone calls has been accused of doing it again, authorities say. The Rowan County Sheriff’s Office served arrest warrants on Rebecca Bailey Dye, 63, of the 1200 block of Stanley Street, charging her with misdemeanor cyberstalking and misdemeanor harassing telephone calls.

8th-grader faces felony charge for changing teacher's desktop background - 04/10/15
A Florida eighth-grader is facing felony hacking charges after he used his school's computer network to prank a teacher with a photo of two men kissing. Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco said Domanik Green, 14, used an administrative-level password to access the secure computer network at Paul R. Smith Middle School in Holiday on March 31 and change the desktop background photo to one showing two men kissing.

Internet romance turned into stalking obsession for man - 04/10/15
AN internet romance turned into a serious obsession when a man began stalking a woman after she had ended the relationship. Ross White was unable to accept it was over and began contacting her via social media and by telephone and also turned up at her place of work at Chard. He also made repeated threats to assault her new boyfriend and sent a message to the victim saying that he had slept the night on a communal stairwell leading to her flat.

Salisbury woman charged with cyberstalking, making harassing phone calls - 04/09/15
A Salisbury woman is facing charges of making harassing phone calls and cyberstalking in Wake County. Rebecca Bailey Dye, 63, was booked into the Rowan Detention Center on Thursday morning just after 1:00 a.m. Bond was set at $5000. Captain John Sifford said the charges are from Wake County, but were served on Dye in Rowan County.

Florida Legislature looks to ban revenge porn - 04/09/15
A San Diego man made international headlines last week when he was sentenced to 18 years in prison for posting more than 10,000 nude photos of people online without their permission, along with their personal information. Kevin Bollaert was convicted on extortion and identity theft charges -- not because he published the photos. When victims requested the images be taken down, Bollaert's so-called revenge porn site would direct them to another site, which would charge about $300 to take the images down.

Governor Walker signs cyberstalking bill into law, victim says: “It gives me peace of mind” - 04/09/15
Governor Scott Walker on Wednesday, April 8th signed a bill that will allow state judges to issue restraining orders against anyone who uses technology to harass a Wisconsin resident from anywhere in the country. “I applaud the legislators and the governor for closing the gap,” Melissa Torres, who has been a target of cyberbullying said.

10 Tips to Dealing With Trolls - 04/09/15
If you’re in the online world, you’ve dealt with a troll. If you haven’t, you will. I have to deal with it on a daily basis as I write a lot and am always under scrutiny over things. Even my free hosting business gets attacked from time to time even though we do everything in our power to not participate. Every business I’ve ever been apart of has had this as well.

Social Media Needs More Limitations, Not Choices - 04/09/15
Social media is always updating to give people more. More features like video and picture sharing. More freedom to use third-party apps. More capacity to store more data and make more connections. More platforms so we can use one service while loading another.

Five-year-old tormented and harassed by online bullies - 04/09/15
A five-year-old girl was among hundreds of people in Coventry who was tormented by online bullies using social media. The youngster, who was harassed online, went to police after being targeted on Facebook and Twitter.

Has Anita Sarkeesian Been Silenced? - 04/09/15
Sociologists are interested in the workings of power. How is inequality produced and sustained? What discursive and institutional forces uphold it? How are obvious injustices made invisible or legitimized? Why is it so hard to change hearts, minds, and societies?

Protection order violators may see stiffer penalties - 04/09/15
A bill making its way through the legislature aims to tighten the screws on those who violate an order of protection; typically awarded to the victim of domestic violence, date rape, sexual violence, stalking, and cyberstalking. Supporters of House Bill (HB-443) report to Historic City News that the victim of domestic violence can get a protective order against their spouse, partner, or significant other; however, the order remains in effect a maximum of 15 days.

Is there a stalker in your webcam? - 04/08/15
Imagine someone stalking you, 24 hours a day, peeking into your private life and whatever you do online as well through your own webcam. Sounds scary? It can be true, however. Hackers can activate your webcam remotely even when it is not in use. It allows them to look into your private life through your webcam that acts as a strong weapon for cyber stalking.

Online harassment is a form of violence - 04/08/15
Many of us have a traditional and corporeal perspective on violence. We perceive it as physical threat: the stranger following you home on a dark night; an unprovoked assault in a bar or on an empty train; or the alcohol fuelled brawl that breaks out in the Valley in Brisbane on a Friday night. We may even think about domestic or family violence, particularly now that popular discourse increasingly recognises domestic violence as a national emergency of "epidemic" proportions.

Online harassment 'requires more law enforcement' - 04/08/15
The case of an Indian student being defamed and threatened online is an indictment of flawed police practice, not existing legislation, says ACT Leader David Seymour. The harassment and subsequent police inaction was reported on One News on Tuesday. "Mr Singh has been let down by police inaction, not by a lack of legislation," says Mr Seymour.

Bell Canada pulls U-turn on super-invasive web-stalking operation - 04/08/15
Following the Canadian Privacy Commissioner's investigation into "an unprecedented number of complaints" regarding Bell Canada, the telecommuncations giant is suddenly back-pedalling on its customer tracking policy. A report from the Canadian Privacy Commissioner's Office (OPC) has urged telecommunications companies to adopt "opt-in" consent when it comes to building detailed consumer profiles to facilitate behaviourally targeted advertising.
I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Michigan stranger fixes van door from viral photo for free
A Michigan woman whose van with a missing driver-side door was made famous by viral photos said the door was fixed by a stranger for free. Amanda Maxfield of Muskegon said her van was photographed and turned into a meme on Facebook while it was being driven by her friend, Devin Beeman, but the photo that went viral recently was only the latest in a series of pictures and videos taken by strangers during the past year. Maxfield said the van's door was destroyed by a collision more than a year ago and it has been without a door ever since because her family couldn't afford to replace it and her fiancé was unable to repair it on his own. She said the most recent viral photo led to a flood of negative comments and bullying online, but it was one comment in particular that caught her attention -- an offer of help. James Barber said he wanted to counteract all the negativity with his offer to repair the van door. "Of course, the public comments were insults and being mean, and I got on there an offered to help," Barber told WXMI-TV. Barber fitted a replacement door to the van Saturday. "I could not believe that somebody out of the kindness of their heart would help someone like that they don't even know," Maxfield said. She said Barber has inspired her to commit her own acts of kindness. "I actually can't wait to pay it forward. I can't wait to help somebody like he has helped," Maxfield said.

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What lurks in the shadowy corners of the Internet - 04/06/15
Ever heard of "doxxing" or "revenge porn"? How about the names Violentacrez or Craig Brittain? If not, you're hardly alone. But if the terms wife, sister or daughter are familiar, keep reading.Violentacrez was the online screen name for a 49-year-old Texas computer programmer named Michael Brutsch who became one of Reddit's most popular forum moderators in part by posting "creepshots" taken of unsuspecting women in various forms of undress. He also posted photos of dead children designed to shock viewers and traumatize the victims' families. Mr. Brutsch even claimed online to have had sex with his step-daughter.

Monitoring Employee Social Media Activity - 04/06/15
Last year, the Pew Center released its demographic data on social media usage. The data revealed that­regardless of age, race, sex, education, or income­nearly 75 percent of all adults in the United States who use the Internet use social media. It is therefore foreseeable that employers would want to regulate and monitor their employees' on- and off-duty social media usage. The time is ripe to examine the pros, cons and pitfalls of monitoring employee social media postings from a legal perspective.

Man accused of stalking NY woman - 04/06/15
A local man is facing a felony charge after police said he had been stalking a member of the U.S. Navy for over a year. Police said he met her through an Internet dating service. Thomas A. Bonfiglioli, 46, of Bennington, pleaded innocent Friday in Bennington criminal court to a felony charge of aggravated stalking in violation of a court order that specifically included a “no stalking” order. Bonfiglioli was also charged with violation of an abuse prevention order.
Reimagine the problem - 04/05/15
Free speech is an extremely difficult subject in Pakistan. And things do not become any easier with the speed at which modern communications technology, including social media, has grown. We now live in the digital age and this forces us to re-examine our conventional view of things. The digital age takes a life of its own and raises serious concerns about privacy, online speech and associated state action. Let me make something very clear at the outset: I am not calling for a repeal of any legislation in Pakistan. I also think that it is extremely unfair, as well as naïve, on the part of human rights groups to call upon politicians to repeal legislation that NGOs deem unfair ­ such as the law on blasphemy.

Woman arrested for 'Facebook thugging' - 04/05/15
It sounds like a comedy skit, but 'Facebook thugging' is actually a crime and 26-year-old Kristin Holmes found out the hard way. Holmes of Chesterfield, Virginia, was arrested after she allegedly posted a controversial selfie of her posing with a gun to Facebook after she was mistaken for another woman.

Freedom of speech is a responsibility, not just a right - 04/05/15
These words echoed from the TED Talk stage last month, where Monica Lewinsky spoke publicly for the first time in a decade. There arguably isn’t any speaker better equipped to talk about the freedom of speech and where it can all go wrong, when at 24, Lewinsky became the Internet’s first case of cyber bullying (though there was no name for it at the time).

Negative online comments about female MPs often sexualized, say political veterans - 04/06/15
Social media platforms like Twitter have made Members of Parliament more accessible to the public than ever before, but that exposure is not all positive. MPs are subject to online harassment and some say they’ve noticed a gender difference when it comes to the nature of the commentary. “Trolling happens to most MPs, but I think there is a gendered aspect when it applies to women,” said NDP MP Laurin Liu (Rivière-des-Milles-Îles, Que.) in an interview with The Hill Times.

Real life 'Burn Book' encourages cyberbullying among students - 04/04/15
In the movie Mean Girls, the popular and powerful Regina George causes a school-wide frenzy when her “Burn Book” of hurtful comments is photocopied and displayed for all to see. But this fictional controversy has become a reality for many high schoolers using the app Burnbook. The free app Burnbook allows users ­ who are supposed to be a minimum of 18 years old ­ to search for school communities within 10 miles of their location and then anonymously share text and photos for other users to view.

App Lets Gun Enthusiasts Track Down Gun Control Advocates’ Home Addresses - 04/03/15
Ladd Everitt didn’t panic when friends and colleagues told him coordinates to his home address and details about where he worked had been leaked on an app that targeted anti-gun violence activists. An app in the Google Play Store called “Gunfree Geo Marker” listed the first and last names, social media handles, work phone numbers or addresses, home addresses or name of living complex, as well as location coordinates for activists or people who promoted gun safety regulations, first reported by Fast Company last week.

Is there any recourse for victims of online photo memes? - 04/03/15
Those pilfered, captioned and shared photos that make us either cringe, rage or laugh out loud are as old as the Internet itself, but in these wild online times, is there any recourse for their victims? Memes, by definition viral little beasties, are everywhere, sometimes building over several years. And they have many heads ­ shaming wrongdoers, bullying innocents and poking fun at an awkward facial expression, twerk attempt, family portrait or school photo.

Man faces harassment and credit card fraud charges - 04/03/15
On March 31, a complaint was filed against Dustin Tyler Burnette for harassment against the mother of his child, an educator in the Dyer County School System. Burnette reportedly sent threatening messages and photos to the teacher that included harming the teacher and inquiring when children would be outside on the playground.

I couldn’t take my eyes off the undulating bottom in front of me. The woman ahead was sporting a pair of PVC leggings; her super-sized bottom looked like a bag of desperately trying to escape ferrets. She wore sky-scraping heels and a top displaying acres of cleavage.

CPD calls in SWAT for cyberstalking arrest - 04/03/15
Columbus police called in reinforcements on Wednesday to arrest a felony cyberstalking suspect.
Officers were searching for 34-year-old Damion Hampton, of 2112 14th Ave. N., Apt. B, on the cyberstalking warrant. They located him at about 3 p.m., but a department press release said Hampton ran into his apartment and refused to come out. The CPD SWAT team, with assistance from Lowndes County sheriff's deputies, eventually arrested him.

Web posts incite attack on Bowman - 04/02/15
Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman and his family have been targeted by racist posts on a self-styled gossip website that offered a $25,000 reward to anyone who would "throw or slam" a pie into the mayor's face. A spokesperson for that site now claimed on Wednesday the incident was an April Fool's Day joke.

Periscope Is Already Being Overrun With Sexual Harassment Of Women Because No, We Cannot Have Nice Things - 04/02/15
Periscope, Twitter’s new live video streaming platform, launched just a week ago but is already seeing an onslaught of sexual harassment against women. Can we officially declare a new law of the internet? “Put anything online and the creeps will come.” At least, that seems like how it works these days. It’s exactly what’s happening with Periscope. As a writer for the Internet and a Twitter user, I’m no stranger to sexually aggressive commenters. From “admirers” to horrible trolls, gendered @ responses and Tweets range from the innocuous “you’re hot” to the threatening “get raped” and far worse. Being a woman on the Internet is tough, mostly because, like being a woman anywhere, the simple fact that you are present seems to be a tacit approval of entitling men to sexually abuse you. Fun!

Parents of Heather Elvis warn of dangers of cyber bullying - 04/02/15
Thursday, Heather Elvis's parents held a private press conference to talk about the danger of cyber bullying. The Elvis's say over the last year and a half, social media has played a large part in spreading the word of the Elvis case, but now things like Facebook have become a way for people to harass and even stalk the family and many others. "This is progressing to the point that it's dangerous and we need the community to be aware of who they are dealing with,” said Debbi Elvis

Internet troll given warning for harassing parliamentary candidate - 04/01/15
AN internet troll who posted comments about Thurrock parliamentary candidate Jackie Doyle-Price has been given a harassment warning. Ms Doyle-Price, who is currently campaigning to keep her seat for a second term, reported the abuse to police earlier this year after going out with officers in a bid to tackle car cruising around Lakeside.

Judge rules harassing emails not tantamount to cyber stalking in Haywood GOP drama - 04/01/15
A Haywood County political operative and local government critic was cleared of alleged cyberstalking charges in court last week. Monroe Miller, 67, was accused of cyberstalking by Savannah Tedesco, 24, who claimed Miller would not stop sending her intimidating and embarrassing emails after she asked him to quit. A judge dismissed the misdemeanor cyberstalking charge. However, a civil restraining against Miller remains in place.

Former Sparland clerk posts bail on cyberstalking charges and is released from custody - 03/31/15
Former Sparland Village Clerk Margaret M. “Marg” Murry was taken into custody Monday night on two felony counts of cyberstalking. Murry, 55, posted $2,500 cash bail and was released pending an April 29 court appearance, according to court records. Murry had previously stoked considerable public controversy in Sparland through actions taken by her and former Acting Mayor Bob Lockhart, with whom she lives. But they resigned their positions in September 2012.

True Crime Online Newsletter - Match 30, 2015

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Girl, 12, tried to poison mom twice for taking away iPhone
Authorities in Colorado said a 12-year-old girl was taken into custody on allegations she tried to poison her mother twice as revenge for taking away her iPhone. The Boulder County Sheriff's Office said the girl's mother noticed the smell of bleach coming from her smoothie shortly after she took away her 12-year-old daughter's iPhone. "It's pretty scary." Cmdr. Heidi Prentup told KDVR-TV. "She thought that her daughter had maybe just cleaned the glass and that there was still bleach left in it. Then she started feeling sick." Prentup said the woman's sickness passed, but a couple weeks later she discovered another bleach odor coming from a carafe of water in her bedroom. "When she smelled the bleach in the carafe she confronted her daughter and her daughter told her that she was trying to kill her for taking her iPhone," Prentup said. Prentup said the girl was booked into the Boulder County juvenile center on two charges of attempted first degree murder.

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How to keep your emails from being tracked - 03/30/15
Most people receive dozens of emails each day without realizing they could be giving away personal information simply by clicking ‘open.' Email tracking software allows big companies, and even just the little guy, to send emails and not only find out when the recipient opened it, but their location as well.

Digital Culture: CreepyPMs and the Women Who Receive Them - 03/30/15
It’s no secret that women suffer for their gender on the Internet. As Amanda Hess detailed here last year, women are more likely to report online harassment and bullying even as the Internet becomes increasingly central in everyone’s social and professional lives.

Firms need social media policy for staff - 03/30/15
AN INCREASING number of people are engaging on social media platforms and they are also used by companies to promote their businesses. People are connected and are engaging with others around the world in a way that has never been possible before. However, the inappropriate use or abuse of social media has also led to several legal battles, in SA and around the world. There have been many arrests for cybercrimes and an increase in the number of employees dismissed for social media misconduct.

GA Supreme Court rules online criticisms were 'free speech,' not cyberstalking - 03/29/15
Anyone who has been the victim of a stalker can describe what it's like to live in constant fear. A Marietta woman, whose name is known to millions, says she was the victim of a cyberstalker. But the state's supreme court disagreed, ruling on Friday that the man she accused of stalking her had every right to post what he did about her on the internet.

Technology aids 'peeping Toms,' makes trauma worse for victims - 03/29/15
Emma Shulevitz said she wonders whether she's being watched whenever she uses a public restroom. The 28-year-old Rockville resident was among the women who used a changing room at the National Capital Mikvah, a Jewish ritual bath in Washington, D.C., where Rabbi Barry Freundel admitted last month to secretly recording women with a hidden camera.

Man charged with cyberstalking couple - 03/29/15
An Asheville man has been charged with cyberstalking after allegedly threatening to kill a couple in emails and repeated cell phone calls, warrants show. Robert Stephen Wright, 56, of Abby Circle has been charged with three counts of sending threatening emails, three counts of communicating threats from November through March, according to warrants filed with the Buncombe County Magistrate’s Court.

I Wasn't Prepared for the Horror Story That Is Online Dating While Black - 03/28/15
I try to remind myself that no one ever said online dating would be a wholly pleasant experience. There is an inherent awkwardness that comes with entering the world of swipes and algorithms, and it's simply unavoidable. I grew up and into an era during which the Internet has basically informed much of my identity and sparked many of my most important relationships -- I've met some of my closest friends via sites like LiveJournal and Tumblr.

13-year-old Minecraft player confesses to swatting, police say - 03/27/15
A 13-year-old Southern California boy has confessed to three different swattings, one in which he threatened to blow up a house with hostages in a suburban neighborhood, police said Friday."The Camarillo incident there were 20-plus officers there. I was at that call. We basically surrounded the house. The caller reported there were 10 hostages in the house and demanded $30,000 in cash or he would blow up the house," Det. Gene Martinez of the Ventura County Sheriff's Department said in a telephone interview with Ars. "Whenever there is a hostage situation, we activate specialized units to respond."

How to defeat Internet bullies - 03/27/15
Effective solutions for ending – or even lessening – the abuse and online harassment that happens on the Web have been elusive to say least. But the cause did receive a strong endorsement recently when Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook all took harder stances against deplorable behavior on their platforms. What's more, over the past 18 months, 14 states have criminalized so-called "revenge porn," the act of posting online nude images without someone's consent.

Queens Man Charged With Cyber Harassment After Masturbating On Unsolicited Video Chats - 03/25/15
The Bergen County Prosecutor announced the arrest of Marty Napoleon, 33, of Queens, New York, on charges of Stalking and Cyber Harassment. Napoleon was arrested in Queens, New York on Wednesday March 25, 2015 without incident. The arrest is the result of an investigation conducted by members of the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office Computer Crimes Unit after an investigation revealed that Napoleon was using a social media application to make video telephone calls over Wi-Fi to randomly contact numerous victims in Bergen County.

How to Try to Get Your Nude Photos Removed From the Internet - 03/24/15
One of the most frustrating parts of being a victim of revenge porn is how hard it is to get justice. Although sixteen states have laws protecting victims from revenge porn ­loosely defined as private photos posted online by an angry ex­Massachusetts is not among them. Victims need to navigate a murky collection of laws as they try to get their most private moments removed from the Internet.

Police sgt. accused of harassment demoted - 03/24/15
Citizens demanded Tuesday that the El Cajon City Council take stronger action against a police sergeant who was demoted after a female officer accused him of sexual harassment, but the city manager stood by his decision. Speakers claimed the recent allegations are a symptom of “institutionalized sexism” at the El Cajon Police Department and called for the officer to be fired or placed on administrative leave for the claims against him.

True Crime Online Newsletter - March 16, 2015

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Smuggling suspect had 146 iPhones strapped to body in China
Authorities in China said a man caught with 146 iPhones strapped to his body set a new record for largest number of devices in a foiled smuggling attempt. Customs officials said the man was spotted walking "at a really snow pace with a strangely stiffened back" while carrying only a small shoulder bag March 6 at the border crossing in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. Officers had the man walk through a metal detector, and he was taken for a search when the device indicated the presence of metallic objects on his body. The man was found to have 126 iPhones strapped around his waist in a belt-like formation and another 20 devices were found strapped to his legs. Customs officers said the man had purchased the phones in Hong Kong. They said smugglers often attempt to bring devices over from Hong Kong due to the lower tax rates on the island. Investigators said the same man was busted in attempted smuggling attempts at least four times previously. They said a total 511 cellphones have been seized from the man at border crossings.

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Six tips for handling trolls without losing your temper - 03/16/15
TROLLING is a constant source of social media angst. "Don’t feed the trolls" is the mantra of anyone who’s spent much time on Twitter. But it’s more complicated than that, and when you’re being targeted, it’s very easy to lose your temper ­ and, quite possibly, your reputation along with it.

Attractive woman seen on Tinder at SXSW turns out not to be human - 03/15/15
Many people using Tinder at SXSW came across a picture of Swedish actress Alicia Vikander, but it wasn't what it seemed. People communicating with the profile were soon asked a series of questions about being human. According to Adweek, on the other side of the line was a bot being used to promote the movie Ex Machina, which premiered at SXSW.

Vancouver woman will spend 22 years in jail after shooting supervisor - 03/14/15
Deborah Lennon, who shot her former supervisor last year, will spend 22 years in prison. Lennon opened fire in a Vancouver Veterans Affairs office. She shot Allen Bricker several times in the chest. She apologized to her victim Friday at her sentencing hearing. "I wish I could explain what was going on in my mind at the time, but I can't," said Lennon. "There is no explanation for my behavior."

American flag baby photos sparks online controversy - 03/14/15
American flag baby picture by Vanessa Hicks stirs up desecration debate. Professional photographer Vanessa Hicks posted the picture on her Facebook page on Monday. Hicks said internet users have lashed out on social media and accused her of being disrespectful to the United States flag.

How To Turn The Tables On People Who Post Nude Photos For Revenge - 03/13/15
Texas legislators introduced a new revenge porn bill that would let victims sue anyone responsible for leaking or sharing intimate images online without consent. State Democrats, Sen. Sylvia Garcia and Rep. Mary Gonzalez announced the joint legislative effort Wednesday with bills from both state houses, HB 496 and its sister SB 1135. If passed, the legislation would open revenge porn websites to civil penalties while those who share the unauthorized images could face a Class A misdemeanor charge.

Can Digital Vigilantism Make the Internet Safer for Women? - 03/13/15
On February 25, former Red Sox pitching star Curt Schilling did what any proud, tech-savvy father might do to celebrate his 17-year-old daughter Gabby’s acceptance to college on a softball scholarship: He sang her praises on his Twitter page. He expected, and got, the usual Internet snark in return­"smart ass college kids," as he put it, tweeting "I’ll take care of her" and "can’t wait to date her!" But even to a longtime social media user like Schilling, many of the responses were appalling, even infuriating. "Teach me your knuckleball technique so I can shove my fist in your daughter," one Twitter user wrote. "How far is Salve Regina from Jersey? I wanna come and play, but Gabby wants me to cum and stay," wrote another.

'Obsessed' woman stalked anti-paedophile campaigner, court hears - 03/13/15
Penny Mellor is accused of carrying out cyber attacks in tweets, emails and a blog. The 53-year-old from Wolverhampton has gone on trial at Chelmsford Crown Court. The opening day of the trial heard of the alleged 'bile' she aimed at Shy Keenan, from near Colchester. Mellor claimed that Ms Keenan had fabricated an account of her childhood sexual abuse in her 2008 book Broken, and that she was a fraudster and attention seeker.

Edmonton woman is facing charges for allegedly stalking local TV news anchor - 03/13/15
An Edmonton woman accused of stalking a local TV news anchor and threatening him and his family has been extradited from Germany by city police to face charges. Hana Sakkat, 38, appeared before a justice of the peace Friday on 18 criminal charges - including criminal harassment and uttering death threats - after being flown back to Edmonton in police custody the day before.

Stopping Online Harassment Before It Starts - 03/12/15
Yik Yak, created in 2013, is a relatively young social network. But it already has a problem with harassment. As Jonathan Mahler of The Times has written, students at a variety of colleges and high schools have used the app to post anonymous racist, sexist or threatening messages. One professor at Eastern Michigan University found that students had been posting insulting comments about her and other faculty members during their lecture.

Facebook ‘likes’ on wife’s page fueled suspected Colorado arson’s ‘cheater’ rage: cops - 03/12/15
A Colorado man accused of torching his house after spray painting “My wife is a cheater” on the wall told cops he knew she was stepping out on him because another man kept liking her Facebook posts, authorities said. William Lindauer, 31, admitted to cyber-stalking his wife’s page in the lead up to Tuesday’s explosive blaze in a Denver suburb, according to court documents. The unhinged husband reportedly told investigators he went out and bought a gun and a bottle of vodka on Monday after peppering his wife with accusatory text messages.

The new rules of social media - 03/11/15
The rules of social media have evolved in the last decade (yes, it has been that long) – and keeping up with potential faux pas can be an arduous and confusing task. Where once social media was used to reflect our “real lives”, it’s now taken on a life of its own, creating a filtered reality where you can trick people into thinking you love granola bowls and ride a beige bicycle. We’ve compiled a list of the latest in online etiquette, so you’ll never have to worry about whether Facebook stalking is acceptable or not again (hint: it is).

The Shooting at Lil Wayne's House Was Nothing More Then a Case of "Swatting" - 03/11/15
Police, including SWAT teams and a hostage negotiator, rushed to rapper Lil Wayne's Miami Beach mansion Wednesday after a man contacted the Miami Beach Police Department claiming that he had shot four people inside. After hours of high alert, officers determined the call was a hoax.
I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Man's 365-day proposal video goes viral
Video of a man's elaborate, 365-day proposal to his girlfriend has gone viral. Dean Smith spent more than a year preparing to pop the question to his girlfriend, Jennifer Kessel, on her 26th birthday in Aruba. Smith videotaped himself each day for a year -- starting Jan. 8, 2014 -- holding up a sign declaring his love for Kessel. "For the next year, I'll show you how much I love you and that you're in my thoughts every day," he says at the beginning of the video. "I want to marry you." Smith then spliced the footage together in a video package for Kessel, who watches for the first time on the beach in Aruba. "The thoughtfulness that went into making this video is truly beyond any words that I have," Kessel told The Huffington Post. "When I turned around and saw Dean standing in front of me, we both broke down in tears." Smith said he decided to make his own proposal video because he saw how much Kessel loved watching them.

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Waiter seeks tab-skipping drinkers on Craigslist
A Missouri waiter's "Missed Connections" Craigslist post seeking two women who skipped out on their tabs is going viral. Stephen O'Laughlin, who said he does not want to identify the Kansas City bar and grill where he works, created a "Missed Connections" posting on the website featuring a picture of the empty glasses and unpaid tabs left behind by the two women.

Watch Emma Watson Perfectly Shut Down the Trolls Who Tried to Silence Her - 03/09/15
Emma Watson's portrayal of the brilliant Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter franchise won the hearts of millions. Now it seems Watson is taking notes from her character's playbook, and channeling Hermione's fierce intelligence to fight online trolls and sexism. In honor of International Women's Day on Sunday, Watson participated in an hour-long Q&A at Facebook's London Headquarters. When asked about "the Fappening" ­ the infamous 2014 leaking of female celebrities' private nude photos, of which Watson was a threatened target ­ Watson noted that efforts to embarrass and silence her failed miserably.

It's Now Illegal to Share Non-Consensual 'Intimate Images' - 03/09/15
Bill C-13, an act to amend the Criminal Code, is now law. Under the new law, the non-consensual distribution of intimate images is illegal. In addition, the new law provides authorities the authorization to remove images from the internet, as well as acquire personal evidence, such as cell-phone usage and telecommunications data, that might be related to the unlawful distribution of intimate images.

DDoS attack targets Femsplain on International Women's Day - 03/08/15
Feminist blog Femsplain was taken offline earlier today by a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack, according to the site's founder, Amber Gordon. She tells The Verge that the site was offline for roughly three hours before service returned intermittently late Sunday afternoon on the East Coast. The timing seems far from random: today is International Women's Day.

Schilling: Women should fight back against online harassment - 03/08/15
On the afternoon of Feb. 25, a Wednesday, Gabby Schilling received a long-awaited piece of mail: her acceptance letter to Salve Regina University in Rhode Island. She was also informed that she’d be pitching for the school’s softball team. Her dad, retired baseball great Curt Schilling, was elated. He wasn’t at the family home in Medfield, Mass., when Gabby got the news, but at 2:53 p.m., he took to Twitter and posted this:

Parents Face Ongoing Challenge To Keep Children Safe From Cyberbullying - 03/06/15
Keeping their children safe online is proving too much of a challenge for some parents, IT-Online reports. A new study by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International has found that nearly a quarter (22%) of parents feel helpless to control their child's activities online - yet nearly half of them (48%) worry that their children may face cyberbullying.

York woman leads international cyber-bully investigation team - 03/06/15
Jayne Hitchcock remembers that time in 1997 when she was stalked online by someone who turned out to be an unscrupulous huckster ­ in the early days of the Internet after she joined an early form of message board called a “newsgroup.” “I went to the police, but law enforcement had no clue about the Internet. When I called them, they said, ‘What is a newsgroup?’ So I had to learn myself who was stalking me online,” she said.

Girl in Calvary threats mad she wasn’t part of Instagram account - 03/06/15
Parents of Calvary Christian Academy students took their children home after a 13-year-old girl threatened to kill everyone at the school because she was not included in a social media account, Ormond Beach police said. The girl made an Instagram account called “CCA UGLIEST” when she discovered she was not featured on the “CCA FINEST” account, according to a police report.

Stanley man arrested for 2014 sexual assault - 03/06/15
Lincoln County deputies have arrested a Stanley man for allegedly sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl in 2014. Robert Anthony Douglas Waldrup, 23, of 1992 Cardinal Loop, was arrested on Wednesday by Detective Dan Renn on one felony count of statutory rape/sex offense of a 13-, 14- or 15-year-old victim by a defendant more than six years older and one misdemeanor count of cyberstalking for an incident that deputies said occurred on Labor Day weekend in September 2014.

13-Year-Old Girl Arrested For Threatening To “Kill Everyone” At Calvary Christian Academy - 03/06/15
A 13-year-old girl at Calvary Christian Academy in Ormond Beach was arrested Wednesday after posting threats to “kill everyone at CCA” on Instagram, her arrest report states. The girl, a Holly Hill resident, was charged with cyber-stalking, making written threats to kill or injure others, making a false report to law enforcement, and disrupting an educational institution. Calvary Christian is a private sectarian school with a K-12 enrollment of about 300, with some 60 to 70 students from Flagler County. Many parents on Wednesday pulled their children out of school when reports of the case began to spread, out of fear.

'Games were supposed to be a fun career choice: Now I'm afraid I'll get murdered' - 03/05/15
At this week's Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, a panel of distinguished game developers and critics gathered for a very popular panel, the third annual #1ReasonToBe ­ as in, "the No. 1 reason to be" a woman who works in games and technology.

Man arrested after replying to sheriff's Facebook picture - 03/04/15
Authorities in Ohio said a man is in custody after he commented on a sheriff's department Facebook post asking for information about his location. The Butler County Sheriff's Office said Andrew Dale Marcum, 21, was being sought on multiple warrants when his picture was posted to the sheriff's department Facebook page Monday with a message asking for members of the public to help locate the suspect.
I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Zookeepers recreate animal poses in viral photos
Zookeepers at an Australian wildlife sanctuary are recreating the poses from animal pictures taken at the park for a series of viral photos. The Symbio Wildlife Park in Helensburgh posted a Facebook photo Feb. 18 of four zookeepers recreating a photo of four marmosets and the caption said similar photos would be posted during the following week as part of the #zookeepersasanimals series. "Our keepers have had some fun re-enacting some of our favorite animal 'perfectly timed photos' at the park!" the zoo said on Facebook. "The idea came about when we were having a giggle at lunchtime one day at some of the animal photos we had," zookeeper and photographer Kylie Elliott told the Illawara Mercury. "Four of us [zookeepers] started having a laugh at how funny it would be to re-enact some of those photos. We knew the idea had mileage and..last week we decided to put it into action. The feedback from our Facebook followers has been amazing, everyone is really enjoying it and we have had requests to make calendars and one follower has suggested we start a #visitorsasanimals so we will to look into some of these ideas." The viral photos have been so popular on Facebook that a California zoo, the Forever Wild Exotic Animal Sanctuary, tagged the facility in a tribute photo of keepers posing as bobcats. "Their #zookeepersasanimals re-enactments with Northern Bobcats which was great to see," Elliott said.

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Revenge porn threats on the rise - 03/02/15
I have previously written about the many tactics abusers use to control and terrorize their intimate and former intimate partners. One of those tactics, “revenge porn,” has been in the news lately. Revenge porn is when a vengeful ex posts explicit photos, taken during a relationship ­ consensual or not ­ to punish a partner or spouse for breaking up with him.

Top cop: Web trolls are swamping police and should be given lifetime social media bans - 03/01/15
A chief constable is calling on Facebook and Twitter to ban trolls for life as social media places a huge strain on police resources. Mike Barton, head of Durham Police, says there was a 40 per cent rise in charges relating to improper use of electronic messages in England from 2010-13. And he warns those figures ‘do not tell the full story’, with officers around the country ‘inundated’ with complaints about harassment and abuse.

One woman is trying to pressure Google to bury revenge porn - 02/28/15
A federal bill that would force third-party websites such as Google to remove revenge porn may also pressure the search giant to alter its algorithm so such photos and videos are nearly impossible to find. At least, that's what Mary Anne Franks, who helped draft the federal law, is hoping. Franks began drafting laws against revenge porn in 2012, around the time she met Holly Jacobs, a victim of revenge porn who is also on a mission to make it illegal. Franks and Jacobs are now executives at the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative, which aims to build laws to prevent cyber harassment.

Man who terrorised video game creator Brianna Wu now says it was a 'joke' - 02/27/15
A man who serially harassed prominent independent games creator Brianna Wu over several months has been identified, and now claims it was all just a joke. Under the name "Jace Connors", he posted bizarre rambling videos on YouTube, in which he claimed Wu had made attempts on his life, even while he brandished guns and knives and made explicit threats to kill her.

Former Macon student guilty in Facebook-hacking case - 02/27/15
A 23-year-old man pleaded guilty Friday to computer trespass in connection with a 2010 case in which he threatened to distribute suggestive photos of two young women if they didn’t give him more photos of themselves. James Miles Woodall, a former Howard High School student who has since been enrolled at the University of Georgia, had been charged with numerous computer crimes.

Public Shaming: We've Gone Too Far - 02/27/15
Every day we hear more stories about bullying, cyberbullying, racism and hatred. This public shaming and hurt has gone way too far. Last week Iggy Azalea was shamed by Internet Trolls about her body. A few days ago E! network's "Fashion Police" cohost Giuliana Rancic made racial stereotype comments about actress Zendaya's hairstyle at the Oscars on Monday's show.

S. Florida man accused in revenge porn case - 02/27/15
A Miami Beach man has been charged in a revenge porn case that authorities say may not have been possible if the victim had not been underage when many images were taken. Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle said Thursday that 38-year-old Antonio Giansante is facing six charges, including child pornography and cyber stalking. Giansante was jailed without bail and court records did not show he had a lawyer to speak on his behalf.

Indictment: Bound Brook man extorted 15-year-old girl, got her to send sexually explicit video - 02/26/15
A Bound Brook man who authorities say extorted a 15-year-old Illinois girl to create and send him a sexual video of herself over the Internet has been indicted on a first-degree charge of endangering the welfare of a child. Miguel A. Moran, 27, of 11 Hamilton Street in Bound Brook was also indicted on second-degree sexual assault, third-degree criminal coercion, third-degree endangering the welfare of a child and third-degree cyber harassment.

Reddit implements stricter rules on 'involuntary pornography' - 02/26/15
Reddit, popular link, image, and discourse-sharing site, has changed its privacy policy, a move that comes in the wake of last year’s celebrity iCloud hack. The hack brought great scrutiny upon the site after a number of nude photographs of celebrities including Academy Award winner, Jennifer Lawrence were released online.

Women targeted by revenge porn louts - 02/26/15
YOUNG women who attend a Wigan pub are being targeted by revenge porn perverts. A website forum dedicated to leaking explicit and intimate photographs has left many vulnerable by naming and sharing them online.

Texas man investigated after posting photo of dead dogs - 02/26/15
A North Texas volunteer firefighter is being investigated after allegedly shooting two dogs who wandered onto his property and then posting a photo on Facebook. Tim Conatser, the firefighter, posted a photo of two dogs apparently shot to death with the caption, "Somebody didn't put any truth my warning. Keep your damn dogs on your property."

Horrible dudes get taste of own medicine: GamerGate, revenge porn & a shocking discovery about harassment - 02/26/15
Women are harassed and threatened on the Internet on a daily, hourly and minute-by-minute basis. This kind of abuse is usually endured in isolation or quiet commiseration with others who are going through the same thing, but the rest of the population catches occasional glimpses of it when the abuse gets particularly loud, particularly violent or targets white celebrities. And while it’s been an uneven and slow education, more people seem to be catching on to the basic fact that online harassment is bad.

Former UFC Fighter Challenged Relentless Internet ‘Bully’ to a Fight. Unfortunately for Bully, He Accepted.
After a month of online harassment, former UFC fighter Josh Neer was sick and tired of dealing with an Internet “bully.” He reportedly received several more taunting messages from the bully on Facebook Saturday, so Neer told the man if he really wanted to fight him, he could come to his gym at 5:30 on Monday. “I don’t know what his problem is but he’s a big guy, like 6-6 and 270 pounds and just acts like a bully. That what he seems like to me, just a bully,” Neer told Bloody Elbow. “He showed up at 6:10, 40 mins into my practice. And then I asked him if he wanted to fight Rakim or me and Rakim is bigger [than] me, so of course he chose me.”

‘Suck It Up,’ Says Teen Who Deleted 11-Year-Old’s Destiny Characters - 02/24/15
In the middle of the day on Thursday, February 19, Game Informer editor-in-chief Andy McNamara shared with me a video of a young boy who fell victim to an online predator. Henry, a fifth grade Destiny fan, handed his controller to a stranger via the PlayStation 4’s Share Play feature and watched in horror as “KirmitTHEfrog” deleted his characters and exotic weapons. On the following Sunday, I received an email from the mother of the man that owns the KirmitTHEfrog account. For his protection after receiving hundreds of harassing messages via PSN, we’re calling him “Adam.”

Internet perverts on 'borrowed time' in crackdown on online crime
POLICE have set up a crack cyber-crime unit to catch perverts, fraudsters and other criminals using the internet to target their victims. Almost 250 officers have been trained in how to investigate online crimes in Staffordshire.

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